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Elliott Smith photo
Elliott Smith
Patron saint of indie music, Elliott Smith was once making folk based baroque pop on his own while simultaneously fuzzing-out amps in his former band Heatmiser. Upon "going solo," Smith's own moderately downtempo songwriting had tastefully expanded and grown with clever arrangements and matured instrumentation. Grand pianos and classically arranged strings took the place of grungy distortion boxes and toy guitars. The overall production was stepped up, but not stylistically compromi...  [+]
Featuring Elliott Smith
The Ultimate Break-up Mix for Indie Listeners
FIQL Pick I made this playlist for my best friend who was going through a break-up. He couldn't get over h...
hayley created this playlist on Jan. 28, 2005 - 28 bumps - 181715 views
Songs To Make You Cry Your Guts Out
this is pretty much one of my top mix lists of songs that just cut to the bone and hurt when you ...
brighteyed created this playlist on Jan. 30, 2006 - 34 bumps - 72723 views
(Updated December 21st) Honestly The Playlist Ever!!!
I realized this was in desperate need of updating so i changed it. my personal favorite right now...
klepto88x created this playlist on Dec. 21, 2007 - 100 bumps - 49351 views
Mellow Sleep Mix
For those nights you just want to relax and go to sleep in style and forget about the troubles of...
Gipetto created this playlist on May. 18, 2007 - 18 bumps - 22199 views
Good indie mix
FIQL Pick I made this mix to introduce my sister to some new bands. You will notice some artists repeat. In...
mtgpplisez created this playlist on Jan. 4, 2005 - 7 bumps - 16247 views
The Best Songs Ever - Vol 1
My choices for the best songs ever.
bbarrish created this playlist on May. 6, 2005 - 5 bumps - 13837 views
Summer Playlist 2007
FIQL Pick Where else this summer are you going to find Tracey Ulman and environmentally-conscious rap from ...
kanukki created this playlist on Jul. 9, 2007 - 4 bumps - 10003 views
My Life: The Soundtrack
FIQL Pick Someone sent me a survey titled My Life: The Soundtrack. There were categories and all you had to...
syl817 created this playlist on Sep. 5, 2006 - 8 bumps - 8878 views
Playable Songs
FIQL Pick How many guitarists out there have whittled away their weekends looking for tabs to songs they've...
Locklear created this playlist on Nov. 30, 2005 - 4 bumps - 8412 views
Gym Ipod Mix
Close to a whole Shuffle's worth here. It runs the gamet, but every song rocks.
jocker created this playlist on Jan. 26, 2007 - 0 bumps - 7523 views
90's Indie Music
indie music from the decade I grew up in!
jabletdown created this playlist on Jun. 25, 2007 - 2 bumps - 6425 views
Some Of My Favorite Songs
FIQL Pick First year university taught me more about music than anything... this is a list of favorite song...
stellechic created this playlist on May. 3, 2005 - 4 bumps - 6318 views
Groovy Kinda Love Songs
FIQL Pick Love: what better emotion is there for inspiring the best songwriting? Love has the power to prov...
jocker created this playlist on Apr. 27, 2007 - 5 bumps - 6230 views
My Funeral
FIQL Pick A funeral isn't about being down tempo and somber. It's about remembering a life, defining moment...
shamrock created this playlist on Aug. 21, 2006 - 1 bump - 5185 views
Songs About Serial Killers
FIQL Pick Songs about a subject that fascinates many. Serial Killers.Read an in-depth profile of this p...
Robert created this playlist on Jul. 20, 2005 - 0 bumps - 5089 views
Acoustic Songs about Life and Love
FIQL Pick Acoustic songs on the slower side. Some are warm and happy, others are sad and heartbroken. I lis...
niikolai created this playlist on Apr. 27, 2009 - 3 bumps - 4726 views
My Kick Ass Playlist
I was bored so I made this playlist.....that's it nothing special about it.
killswitch created this playlist on May. 19, 2006 - 0 bumps - 4705 views
Sleep | Indie | Cute
Mellow Indie stuff.
ashmyhole created this playlist on Jan. 8, 2007 - 3 bumps - 4483 views
Rainy Day Mix
I made this mix for a rainy day I had to spend a few hours in the car with my family. I like mixi...
nostalgics created this playlist on Jan. 14, 2006 - 5 bumps - 3919 views
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