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Sean Paul photo
Sean Paul
Hip-hop has always taken inspiration from Dancehall -- thanks to New York'ssizeable Jamaican population -- and collaborations between the twocommunities have been increasing. But it took Dancehall newcomer Sean Paulto finally close the gap. After a series of collaborations with such artistsas Jay-Z and DMX, Paul's long-awaited sophomore album Dutty Rockburned up clubs all over the world with its stellar combination of grit,glitz and girl-talk. Culturally mongrel, Paul is some...  [+]
Featuring Sean Paul
The Best Remix Playlist
FIQL Pick This is about to be the best remix playlist EVER!! Let's go!!! This playlist is full of awesome s...
soccerfm created this playlist on Mar. 28, 2006 - 376 bumps - 282071 views
Best Hip Hop Songs To Put For A House Party
Just some songs that you should put for a house party if your into hip hop/rnb.
shakurnz created this playlist on Feb. 29, 2008 - 28 bumps - 108981 views
Hip Hop Party Mix
Get it on.
jerkyboy created this playlist on Jun. 14, 2005 - 23 bumps - 68941 views
SONGS WITH TIGHT BEATS in rap and hip-hop!!!!
FIQL Pick I picked out songs that I thought had the tightest BEATS in a hip-hop and rap track. These songs...
KillerPete created this playlist on Mar. 2, 2006 - 34 bumps - 64859 views
Good Smoking Songs
Great songs to listen to while crusing around
MikeSimon created this playlist on Aug. 24, 2005 - 7 bumps - 25119 views
HOT!! Ultimate Party Mix!
A perfect mix of new and old school high energy music to get the party started, work out to, or t...
tinkerbell created this playlist on Jan. 19, 2006 - 5 bumps - 25052 views
Dance Playlist For 2006
My personal collection of hip-hop songs thatll keep the party dancin for hours. My first playlist...
B1505 created this playlist on Dec. 27, 2005 - 12 bumps - 24803 views
Ultimate Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, & R&b Mix:)
includes songs from 50 cent, Black Eyed Peas, Daddy Yankee, Daniel Powter, Drake Bell, Green Day,...
djflamer created this playlist on Apr. 13, 2006 - 24 bumps - 23864 views
Hot 97 (nyc) Radio Playlist: March 5, 2005
Hot 97 (97.1FM)'s playlist as of March 5, 2005
tmd created this playlist on Mar. 5, 2005 - 3 bumps - 22373 views
the hot stuff
FIQL Pick Another playlist that will be making you want to dance in your car. Hip hop fans will appreciate ...
Krystina created this playlist on Jan. 28, 2005 - 10 bumps - 21910 views
Hip Hop Playlist
this playlist is the best there is!it is a great mix of hip hop and bunch more!!
bubbleduck created this playlist on Oct. 19, 2006 - 4 bumps - 19930 views
The Best Work Out Songs
These songs make me want to working out!
Desiree35 created this playlist on Jan. 11, 2007 - 3 bumps - 19778 views
My Workout Music
Great workout music!
zoehunter created this playlist on Mar. 4, 2005 - 5 bumps - 19758 views
Kickboxing Music
Music to make you move when you kickbox :)
Kezia created this playlist on May. 20, 2005 - 8 bumps - 18251 views
Heart Pumping Cardio Workout Music
After you see all the commercials for overweightness and decide you might need to start getting a...
Leigh2010 created this playlist on Jun. 29, 2007 - 4 bumps - 16335 views
Standard Club Bangers
Short but sweet, my first playlist. Things that would make people go wild in the club. Check it o...
AlexF1989 created this playlist on Aug. 2, 2006 - 3 bumps - 15994 views
M^2 Reggaeton - Revolucion
FIQL Pick Reggaeton is "in" and here are a few songs that will get you to continue to love it or if you are...
lanscardi created this playlist on May. 7, 2006 - 20 bumps - 15150 views
Dancehall Reggaeton Party Mix
No links available, but this list of reggae anthems will get anyone shaking their ass.
AMMO20 created this playlist on Feb. 7, 2006 - 6 bumps - 14943 views
90's "Private Collection"
60 - 90's x 300 FINAL SET 3 http://www.1990sflashback.com/1990/Music.asp1...
zigmonia created this playlist on May. 18, 2008 - 3 bumps - 13829 views
Ghetto Beats
when you feel like blasting your music in a shady neighbourhood.. listen to these songs.. except ...
Zehra created this playlist on Oct. 10, 2005 - 3 bumps - 9777 views
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