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Nickelback photo
Canadian band Nickelback blend low-fidelity electric guitar tremolo with warm, acoustic strumming and soulful singing. Although the vocalist treads into melodramatic territory at times, he's sporadically accompanied in refreshing vocal harmony by his bandmates. These are catchy alternative rock songs that (predictably) explode into overdriven, distorted choruses complete with the vocalist's grungy growl. Nickelback's popularity began to gather steam with the single "Leader of Men," ...  [+]
Featuring Nickelback
Vh1's Most Awesomely Bad Dirty Songs....ever
I am obsessed with the VH1 music shows, and this always makes me laugh everytime I hear the lyric...
Krs10 created this playlist on Sep. 14, 2005 - 10 bumps - 62225 views
Sad Beak-up Songs
FIQL Pick a complication of the very best sad breakup songs. Guaranted to make you feel a whole lot better-...
tinkerbell created this playlist on Apr. 22, 2006 - 10 bumps - 30356 views
Billboard Top 100 Hits 2004 Vol. 1
20 Billboard Top 100 Hits of 2004
edgar created this playlist on Nov. 7, 2005 - 1 bump - 25824 views
Mix Cd For My Boyfriend.. Our 6-Month
FIQL Pick so, this is the mix CD I made my boyfriend for our six-month anniversary.. each song is accompani...
frogpants created this playlist on Dec. 19, 2006 - 5 bumps - 21016 views
Awesome Rock And Metal Songs
Albums and songs I compiled for daily skateboarding/angry/pumped up kinda moods. Awesome stuff to...
Burnie created this playlist on Oct. 16, 2005 - 6 bumps - 19823 views
@ Da Strip Club {Rock}
Pretty self-explanatory... yea:)New Tracks:Daughtry featuring Slash - What I Wa...
RdHtErth89 created this playlist on Jun. 26, 2007 - 3 bumps - 8973 views
Some Of The Best Loaded Songs To Listen To In The Car!
This playlist includes a lot of songs that have lots of bass in them. It also includes some of t...
Hyundasian created this playlist on Apr. 9, 2006 - 0 bumps - 8700 views
fun party mix
don't you wanna get in the mood to have a crazy time? these are a lot of the tracks i have on my ...
rosethorn created this playlist on Aug. 30, 2005 - 1 bump - 7463 views
Bona Fide Break-Up Playlist The Indie/Rock/Emo Style!
FIQL Pick Ah.. Break-ups.. Nothing good really ever comes out of them. Except for one thing - they make goo...
musiclovah created this playlist on Oct. 1, 2007 - 2 bumps - 6941 views
Top 45 Of 04
I dont know where i got this list from, I believe billboard
BlazeJ created this playlist on Feb. 11, 2005 - 3 bumps - 5898 views
The Non-Sellout / Sellout Years
FIQL Pick "Sellout" 1.) When the band or artist changes themselves just for money or fame. 2.) To compromis...
TheDude created this playlist on Feb. 24, 2006 - 4 bumps - 4420 views
Hot!! Ultimate Rock Music!
A collection of new and old school rock songs. Great to rock out or sing along to. Lots of Billy ...
tinkerbell created this playlist on Jan. 22, 2006 - 1 bump - 4350 views
Most Awesome Soft Rock Mix!!!!
This playlist will give you goosbumps!!!! One of those playlists with songs you forget over time ...
gazza123 created this playlist on Sep. 20, 2006 - 1 bump - 4041 views
Songs That Remind You Of Close Ones Mix
This mix is about missing your loved ones and or about losing that special someone, whatever you ...
isuxatlife created this playlist on Jun. 4, 2006 - 0 bumps - 3657 views
Alternative - 2005 - Pt.2
(no description entered)
GordonUM created this playlist on Jan. 3, 2006 - 2 bumps - 3576 views
Lindsay's List Of Old & New
got my faves, from 90 to 05... all sortsa genres on here, just what i like.!
lndzmre08 created this playlist on Jul. 3, 2005 - 1 bump - 3261 views
I Got Over It, Why Don't You ?
FIQL Pick You're feelin' stronger, braver, you're feelin' just fine with yourself.Seems like that cra...
rockchick created this playlist on Jan. 12, 2007 - 3 bumps - 3244 views
Break Up Songs
FIQL Pick Here's some break up songs for everyone, i know im missing some good ones but i tryed to keep thi...
goob63 created this playlist on Aug. 19, 2008 - 1 bump - 3165 views
The "Clean My Room" Playlist
FIQL Pick I, obviously, clean my room to this playlist. Loudly. Usually accompanied with air guitar, air dr...
habsfan created this playlist on May. 17, 2007 - 1 bump - 3062 views
Tunes To Hear In A Strip Club Redux
FIQL Pick Get your dollar bills ready. Its time to head back into the strip clubs. for great rock music, ic...
iluckeroth created this playlist on Sep. 24, 2009 - 0 bumps - 2727 views
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