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For the generation that grew up during the Reagan Era, Journey will always be associated with the sweaty palms and stomach-churning anticipation of grade school dances. Orgasmically dramatic break-up songs employed pulsating synthesizers, massive guitars, and innumerable vocal tracks backing up Steve Perry's pleading falsetto. With this astonishingly successful formula, Journey defined the blow-dried power-ballad that ruled '80s FM radio. After a long hiatus, Journey reformed in 199...  [+]
Featuring Journey
The Top Fifty Classic Rock Songs Of All Time
Here are the fifty most-played songs on classic rock radio, according to jacobs media, a radio in...
boy created this playlist on Apr. 10, 2006 - 46 bumps - 117179 views
Stacy's 80's And 90's Music
80's & 90's music faves
stacylee created this playlist on Feb. 12, 2005 - 10 bumps - 38188 views
Long Distance Love Songs
Loving someone from a distance is hard. These songs will either make you feel better about your s...
Trogdor created this playlist on Nov. 11, 2006 - 4 bumps - 29344 views
The Greatest Bar Songs to Sing Along To!
FIQL Pick Grab a shot of whiskey (maybe get up on the bar) and sing along like a drunken idiot to some of t...
fisher67 created this playlist on Jul. 12, 2008 - 2 bumps - 23345 views
Mellow Sleep Mix
For those nights you just want to relax and go to sleep in style and forget about the troubles of...
Gipetto created this playlist on May. 18, 2007 - 18 bumps - 22221 views
Ultimate Classic Rock Mix, Must Have Ipod Songs
FIQL Pick no doors, no zeppelin, no queen, i'm simply assuming you already those great songs! these are son...
ZachMorris created this playlist on Dec. 11, 2007 - 3 bumps - 15215 views
Remember Your Prom?
FIQL Pick Every prom has one or two songs, that when you hear them years later, they can take you back to ...
MelCA created this playlist on May. 10, 2005 - 3 bumps - 14489 views
10 Songs for A Roadtrip
This probably wouldn't be too useful for a x-country roadtrip - I'll leave that to someone else t...
burtonair created this playlist on Jan. 17, 2005 - 4 bumps - 10974 views
Best Mellow Stuff.
A mix of songs to relax to while falling asleep, driving in your car, spending time alone or with...
soccer8 created this playlist on Jul. 2, 2006 - 4 bumps - 9992 views
Life Is A Journey Songs That Remind Me About My Senior Yr.
FIQL Pick "Life isn't a destination it's a journey. We all come upon unexpected curves and turning poi...
marivicky created this playlist on Aug. 22, 2007 - 0 bumps - 9462 views
Driving Muzak
Killer Driving Tunes
Antblack created this playlist on Mar. 21, 2005 - 0 bumps - 8705 views
80's "Private Collection"
COLLECTION 300 x 60 -90's SET TWO 1980 in musicFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
zigmonia created this playlist on May. 18, 2008 - 2 bumps - 8395 views
My High School Playlist.
FIQL Pick This is a playlist that draws from my days as a high school student, between 1995-1999. It was al...
effinpeaz created this playlist on Apr. 2, 2006 - 3 bumps - 8268 views
Good Music For A Good Summer
This is the perfect summer playlist. Listen to it while driving to the beach, or at the beach. Or...
btyqn created this playlist on Jul. 2, 2006 - 1 bump - 7499 views
Eighties Music Based On Real Places
FIQL Pick This is a strange idea for a playlist I had the other day, how many places in eighties music are ...
bbrodka created this playlist on Nov. 21, 2006 - 0 bumps - 7206 views
Love Songs Mix #1
some of the best
candbcole created this playlist on Feb. 4, 2005 - 1 bump - 7063 views
The Wall
The Wall "Live" Roger Waters and Ensemble http://www.rogerwaters.org/bwconcert.ht...
zigmonia created this playlist on May. 30, 2008 - 0 bumps - 6710 views
The Rockin' Playlist For Gh3
this playlist is the best for this kind of situation becuz it has a variety of songs that every1 ...
acdcrockz3 created this playlist on May. 30, 2007 - 0 bumps - 6657 views
Power Ballads
The title says it all. Power ballads!
elderane created this playlist on Jun. 14, 2007 - 3 bumps - 6255 views
Feel-Good Rock
This playlist features mostly classic rock songs, but I've included some more modern rock as well...
Tigress created this playlist on Sep. 26, 2006 - 2 bumps - 6206 views
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