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Eminem photo
After paying dues through battles, freestyle frenzies, and independent releases, Eminem crashed the mainstream in the late '90s, creating a storm of controversy and record-breaking sales not seen since Snoop Dogg's debut. With super-producer Dr. Dre behind the boards, Eminem scored mega-hits thanks to absurdly catchy MTV fodder like "My Name Is" and "Guilty Conscience." Combining cartoonish rage, ear-tickling beats, a distinct flow, and gushing rhyme skills, he soon became one of th...  [+]
Featuring Eminem
Hip Hop Party Mix
Get it on.
jerkyboy created this playlist on Jun. 14, 2005 - 23 bumps - 69049 views
Pump Up Playlist
FIQL Pick This playlist is for any sportsman who wishes to obtain an angry state of mind before a big game....
creep created this playlist on Jul. 9, 2006 - 12 bumps - 45684 views
Cool Songs IMHO
FIQL Pick These are the songs that make you say "damn, that was a cool song," before you listen to them aga...
agentsmith created this playlist on Feb. 6, 2005 - 3 bumps - 41686 views
Power Weight Lifting Workout
FIQL Pick I've seen a lot of weight lifting play lists that include artists like Nelly, Eminem, J-Z, etc. ...
wulfbane created this playlist on Jun. 17, 2007 - 15 bumps - 32533 views
Hip Hop Workout Mix {fo Laydies}
If your workin out or dancin... these songs are sure to get you get goin. If you like H...
lia888la created this playlist on Apr. 22, 2006 - 22 bumps - 30667 views
HOT!! Ultimate Party Mix!
A perfect mix of new and old school high energy music to get the party started, work out to, or t...
tinkerbell created this playlist on Jan. 19, 2006 - 5 bumps - 25095 views
Rap Party Jams!
This mix is a selection of all rap/hip hop. It's nice for those parties and those long car rides...
caisondh created this playlist on May. 11, 2005 - 4 bumps - 22020 views
A random mix of peppy songs
This is a random mix of songs from my collection, some of which are fairly old, that I would list...
burtonair created this playlist on Jan. 15, 2005 - 8 bumps - 15087 views
Funny Lyrics
FIQL Pick Oh man, the lyrics to these songs have to be the funniest in my library. Some of this stuff is so...
agentsmith created this playlist on Feb. 8, 2005 - 3 bumps - 14891 views
N I G H T C L U B . 2 0 0 8 .
FIQL Pick Want your House Party to sound like a Nightclub? These songs are Pumped. Fresh. Loud. The...
Fillabula created this playlist on Nov. 23, 2007 - 2 bumps - 11952 views
Best Songs From The Best Selling Albums Ever
FIQL Pick A list of songs from the top ten selling albums of all time in the UK, and a selection from 40 ot...
jboardley created this playlist on Mar. 18, 2007 - 0 bumps - 10602 views
Playlist for my "chilling-moments"
Vradash created this playlist on Aug. 31, 2005 - 0 bumps - 8216 views
The Eminem Show
20 Songs of Eminem
edgar created this playlist on May. 9, 2005 - 2 bumps - 8186 views
Top 100 Rap Songs Of All Time Part II (51-100)
Just like the title says, I believe that the songs, in this order are the best EVER.
zshirland created this playlist on Mar. 20, 2007 - 3 bumps - 6649 views
Legends of hip-hop and rap…REVAMPED!
FIQL Pick THE REVAMPED AND IMPROVED VERSION!!!What’s that? No 50 cent on this mix? No Lil Jon?...
KillerPete created this playlist on Mar. 1, 2006 - 8 bumps - 6452 views
Revolution/Political Rap
FIQL Pick Many artists today, of all genres, make a Political/Revolution approach to their music. Many of t...
MX created this playlist on Oct. 15, 2006 - 2 bumps - 6298 views
Hip Hop Club Beats Pt.1
FIQL Pick There is not one song in this playlist that wouldn't persuade me to get up and dance if I heard i...
AlexJames created this playlist on Jul. 11, 2007 - 2 bumps - 6053 views
New Years Party
New Years Eve music!
acidburn created this playlist on Dec. 14, 2006 - 1 bump - 5531 views
The "anti-almost Everything" Mix
FIQL Pick These are songs I've chosen when I have violent thoughts or anti-political thoughts, when you jus...
trullikoi created this playlist on Mar. 11, 2005 - 1 bump - 5441 views
New Digs 4 Me
FIQL Pick these are the tracks that kept me going as we all exited 2004. i left it on a high note. when i a...
agentsmith created this playlist on Feb. 6, 2005 - 1 bump - 4689 views
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