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Aerosmith photo
White trash kids from suburban Massachusetts, Aerosmith ripped open the '70s rock scene with loud, violent and lurid tunes built on a foundation of riffs lifted directly from the blues in the time-honored tradition of musical colonialists like Led Zeppelin and the Stones. Joe Perry's long-haired riffs perfectly complemented lead singer Steve Tyler's sleazoid Jaggerisms in songs that ran the gamut from Girl Group covers ("Walkin' in the Sand") to angry-robot Bowie funk ("Last Child")...  [+]
Featuring Aerosmith
40 Songs That Changed The World
FIQL Pick Rolling Stone magazine, in its 40th anniversary edition, has published a list of 40 songs that ch...
bbrodka created this playlist on May. 23, 2007 - 11 bumps - 51667 views
Best Of Slow Rock Vol. 1
15 Collection of Best Rock ft. Bon Jovie, Fleetwood Mac, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Rollin Stone, A...
edgar created this playlist on Sep. 16, 2005 - 3 bumps - 44892 views
Top 100 Greatest Hip-Hop/Rap Of All Time
A Compilation of 100 Rap & Hip-Hop Collection after 25 Years
edgar created this playlist on Aug. 10, 2006 - 5 bumps - 30651 views
Long Distance Love Songs
Loving someone from a distance is hard. These songs will either make you feel better about your s...
Trogdor created this playlist on Nov. 11, 2006 - 4 bumps - 29329 views
Best Cover Songs
FIQL Pick Best Cover SongsCover songs that were done much better than the original version. .
bbrodka created this playlist on Oct. 8, 2006 - 10 bumps - 23968 views
90's "Private Collection"
60 - 90's x 300 FINAL SET 3 http://www.1990sflashback.com/1990/Music.asp1...
zigmonia created this playlist on May. 18, 2008 - 3 bumps - 14080 views
A mix of songs to give to that special someone in your life
FIQL Pick Sometimes it's easier to express how you feel about someone through music. This list is for t...
burtonair created this playlist on Feb. 10, 2006 - 5 bumps - 14007 views
Diane Warren Songs
FIQL Pick Diane Warren is considered to be the most prolific and successful contemporary songwriter of our ...
ccarter102 created this playlist on Jul. 31, 2005 - 3 bumps - 11321 views
Angel Songs
All of these songs have "Angel" in the title.
candbcole created this playlist on Feb. 1, 2005 - 2 bumps - 10805 views
The All Time Greatest Songs To Dance To, Cry To And Drive To
Greatest Songs ever created by many new and old artists. Including dance tracks, love songs, new ...
anonymous created this playlist on Nov. 29, 2005 - 3 bumps - 10581 views
Class Of 2008 - Graduation
Couting down the days to June 2008! For anyone graduating in 2008, here are some songs to relive...
lilemmy828 created this playlist on Nov. 3, 2007 - 1 bump - 10087 views
Energetic Songs
here a list (in random order) of some good songs when you feel you need a boost. Enjoy!
lazza created this playlist on Nov. 16, 2006 - 4 bumps - 8966 views
Workout Playlist
I always listen to these songs when I'm working out because the beats keep you motivated. It's h...
Andreanna created this playlist on Sep. 24, 2006 - 3 bumps - 8491 views
80's "Private Collection"
COLLECTION 300 x 60 -90's SET TWO 1980 in musicFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
zigmonia created this playlist on May. 18, 2008 - 2 bumps - 8373 views
Great Singalong Songs
FIQL Pick These are some of my favorite songs i like to listen to while driving, esp. long distance driving...
dawn0622 created this playlist on Mar. 29, 2005 - 4 bumps - 8348 views
Missing You, Needing You, Craving You
FIQL Pick This playlist is for Ry... the true love of my life. At the tender age of 28, I discovered true l...
tnssgirl created this playlist on Nov. 6, 2007 - 5 bumps - 6448 views
Greatest Underrated Rock Songs
FIQL Pick Criteria: - These songs were chosen for their musical quality and are "underrated"because t...
bbrodka created this playlist on Oct. 9, 2006 - 1 bump - 6220 views
Rock Party
no description entered
JiLG711 created this playlist on Oct. 25, 2006 - 0 bumps - 5637 views
Puppy Love
The songs that don't let you forget just how in love you are with that person sitting next to you...
BFC2300 created this playlist on Jan. 6, 2006 - 4 bumps - 5333 views
50 Greatest Rock Debut Singles
FIQL Pick Criteria: - These debut singles were chosen and ranked based upon their initial and lasting popul...
bbrodka created this playlist on Oct. 8, 2006 - 0 bumps - 5327 views
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