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Tuesday, Jul. 29th 2008

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January 1st 2006
Sep. 19, 2006:
I am a dork. I was entering my email address, not username. doh.
I'm a software developer who's been working on algorithms to analyze music for the past many years. I like a wide variety of music, depending on the mood I'm in. What makes a good playlist, and how you can share the essence of that playl... [+]
Playlist Comment This Is The Mod District...
Good stuff indeed.
Mar. 8, 2006
Playlist Comment Sxsw 2006..oooooh Yeah!!
Nice job going the extra mile and putting in all the SXSW links! The FIQL bar ...
Mar. 3, 2006
Playlist Comment The Aimee Mann Experiment No. 2
Yes, I broke my perfect streak. Had to happen sometime. Well, I don't blame th...
Feb. 19, 2006
Playlist Comment Norah Jones To Nirvana
How about you create a .m3mood file with your seeds - then I'll make the same mix...
Feb. 18, 2006
Playlist Comment Valentine's Day: It's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate
That hits the theme pretty good. I'd have to do some work to figure out where to...
Feb. 17, 2006
Playlist Comment Time For Some Music
Ok, I think I got the anonymous comments fixed.. Maybe I'll make a Cheese Time...
Feb. 10, 2006