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Monday, Nov. 9th 2009

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November 10th 2006
Female, 26 - Glasgow/Edinburg, United Kingdom
Playlist Comment Mixmas 2008
hadn't heard the electric feel remix before now, but oh holy mother is it amazing...
Mar. 2, 2009
Playlist Comment The Songs I Can't Listen To Anymore
ace list. i wouldn't say the death cab song is one of the 'saddest' lovesongs, it...
Jun. 18, 2008
Playlist Comment Songs Inspired By Literature
aww.... gutted. Wuthering Heights isn't on it. Ace list tho! I like, I like a lot...
Apr. 11, 2007
Playlist Comment New: Yet To Hit The Airwaves
nope, different song. Signal Fire is from the new spiderman film, it's good.
Apr. 11, 2007