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Thursday, Feb. 5th 2009

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January 22nd 2009
Female, 23 - Bend, OR, United States
I love music. Music sets my mood for everything I do. I favor country and punk above other genres and I donít like rap and some styles of screamo. But other than that there isnít a single genre that I donít like.
I'm So Fricken Angry!
FIQL Pick It's not just about being mad, or frustrated. It's more then wanting to lash ou...
Aug. 09, 2007  (2264 views - 1 bump - 6 comments)
Just For One Day? (A "Heroes" Fanmix)
FIQL Pick May 2007: This was supposed to be an explicitly Heroes mix, but I...
May. 14, 2007  (2344 views - 0 bumps - 0 comments)
Sad, Soft, Slow
FIQL Pick This playlist (previously "Sad & Slow Rock[ish] Songs") consists of different i...
May. 09, 2007  (43225 views - 41 bumps - 19 comments)