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Saturday, Jun. 20th 2009

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October 14th 2006
Female, 2014 - NB, Canada
I just like music. A lot of it.
An Apology Set To Music
FIQL Pick This is a CD that I made for my boyfriend to help me apologize for somethi...
Dec. 27, 2007  (2409 views - 1 bump - 2 comments)
40 Amazing Songs.
FIQL Pick The title says it all. They're mostly slower songs, that I listen t...
Oct. 15, 2006  (95465 views - 9 bumps - 6 comments)
Best Of Breaking Benjamin
The best of the best. What more is there to say. I love this...
Oct. 14, 2006  (7872 views - 1 bump - 0 comments)