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Monday, Mar. 9th 2009

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April 19th 2006
Oct. 15, 2008:
i dnt kno if i replied 2 u or nt. but thanks. i like my taste in music 2 lol! so, how are u?!?!
Mar. 9, 2007:
Hey there ; )
Male, 27 - Ft Lewis, WA, United States
Hey there. I am currently in the United State's Army. I am currently stationed in the 5th Brigade at Fort Lewis Washington
(Updated December 21st) Honestly The Playlist Ever!!!
I realized this was in desperate need of updating so i changed it. my pers...
Dec. 21, 2007  (49379 views - 100 bumps - 31 comments)
Guitar Playin' And Singin
Songs i enjoy playing on the guitar while singing. reply on what songs you...
Jun. 04, 2007  (1192 views - 0 bumps - 0 comments)
Hangin Out
Songs that you can just chill to while you have nothing to do....
Jul. 05, 2006  (8185 views - 20 bumps - 6 comments)