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Tuesday, Feb. 3rd 2009

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January 24th 2005
Female, 32 - New York, NY, United States
I adore Choose Your Own Adventure books. I smoke cloves with a cigarette holder. I have an ugly mug collection. I can safely say that Player's 'Baby Come Back' will always make me smile. I heart bad jokes. I start a lot of sentences... [+]
Yet Another Reason To Youtube
FIQL Pick I confess, I'm a YouTube junkie. However, I think the argumen...
Aug. 02, 2006  (1979 views - 0 bumps - 0 comments)
It's Ridiculous Hot Outside & Due To A Spasm Of Fate...
FIQL Pick ...my air conditioner just broke.For some strange reason, this...
Aug. 01, 2006  (1914 views - 0 bumps - 1 comments)
It Tastes Like Drinking Leather
FIQL Pick Hopefully you've guessed it - these songs are resultant of listening to se...
Mar. 28, 2006  (1864 views - 1 bump - 0 comments)
Hungover Motown (and Other Towns)
FIQL Pick Ok so I'll be honest. This isn't all motown. But it is possible to liste...
May. 08, 2005  (3856 views - 0 bumps - 0 comments)
It's So 90's, It Hurts
Arguably some of the most quintessential songs of the 90's...Not because y...
Jan. 24, 2005  (15242 views - 10 bumps - 9 comments)