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Friday, Apr. 23rd 2010

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April 2nd 2009
May. 18, 2009:
what part of washington do u live in? I live in everett.
Female, 24 - WA, United States
I love art and everything attached to the concept. But art in my world is more than just a sculpture or painting. Art is fashion, art is writing, art is found everwhere, and art is certainly within tattoos. I also try to live my life in ... [+]
Make Your Body Sweat
FIQL Pick Well it is that vicious time of year again...the time when putting on your...
May. 05, 2009  (4794 views - 3 bumps - 0 comments)
Inspiration That Will Light Your Soul Ablaze
FIQL Pick All of these various songs by various (yet phenomenal) artists inspire me ...
Apr. 24, 2009  (2562 views - 1 bump - 1 comments)
Honesty Is The Best Policy. Well, Most Of The Time.
FIQL Pick Whether you are finally admitting to a failed relationship, expressing you...
Apr. 05, 2009  (1432 views - 1 bump - 0 comments)
Every Artist Has A Muse
FIQL Pick It can be said that almost every famous artist of any field had a muse tha...
Apr. 02, 2009  (1962 views - 2 bumps - 0 comments)
Riding That Emotional Rollercoaster
Growing up is full of ups and downs, so why should your music collection b...
Apr. 02, 2009  (674 views - 0 bumps - 0 comments)
Bitter And A Little Broken, But Still Fantastic
FIQL Pick Some days you just wake up and feel a little jaded, a little bitter and br...
Apr. 02, 2009  (2481 views - 3 bumps - 2 comments)
Songs Featuring Body Parts
FIQL Pick Here is a lovely list of songs that all have something to do with various ...
Apr. 02, 2009  (3492 views - 0 bumps - 0 comments)
Remembering To Feel
FIQL Pick Sometimes you go through life simply going through your everyday motions. ...
Apr. 02, 2009  (1654 views - 1 bump - 1 comments)