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SIPA Running Club

SIPA running club needs some music to make it through the cold winter runs.
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Good 10k Or Half Marathon List
It's almost New Year's -- time to get serious on training for spring races. Good 40 minute mix o...
Created and added by runjules on Dec. 25, 2006 - 1 bump - 7642 views
Fitness, Cycling, Running Any Workout Playlist
this is a playlist i put on my ipod 2 weeks ago , no joke once i started to use this my fitness l...
admin added this playlist by stelios on Nov. 6, 2006 - 57 bumps - 168075 views
Work It Out Work It Out
This is my running mix on my ipod. I seriously run farther when I'm listening to these songs. I d...
admin added this playlist by prettypink on Nov. 6, 2006 - 63 bumps - 43032 views
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Go Sipa!
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