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microblogging, many photos are backwards


BEIJING, March 30 (Ma Qian Wang Yanlong) on ​​his way to work, the 23-year-old Bing Wu, Kunming people stepped down from the bus station by the station bus Knocked severe traumatic brain injury, caused by an injury disabled. Bing Wu family of the bus drivers and the Kunming Bus Group Co., Ltd., report to court, claims the medical expenses of various economic loss of 327 million yuan. 30, Kunming, the Wuhua the court

Wu Bing's mother wood Ms. afternoon of March 7, 2011, the mother and son in accordance with the usual walk along the Grand Road to the unit to work, Wu Bing green passage, and saw the green light on walked down the platform ready to cross the road. After diagnosis, Bing Wu for composite car accident injury, severe traumatic brain injury, cervical fracture and liver function damage.

Kunming Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, Second Battalion of the accident given identified: the bus driver to read the master driving a motor vehicle is not safe driving, Wu Bing in the vehicle near the station platform down the road at random across the read master and Wu Bingcheng bear equal responsibility for this accident.

wood Ms. believes that the accident is entirely due to read the master drive into the site excessive speed, not yield to the pedestrians due. Wu Bing walked down the platform, green light, no traffic violations. Read the master and the bus companies should bear at least 80% of the primary responsibility. Kunming Bus Group and the insurance company to court, claims 12 million yuan of economic losses to the insurance company to claim medical expenses, to read the master and the Kunming Public Transport Group, lost income, fees, economic loss, a total of 3,279,320.28 yuan.

heard by the court, both sides agree to mediation, but the bus company said it had advanced more than 100 million medical expenses, more than 300 million too much. mediation views in the collegial panel collegiate chose a sentencing date. (End)

share: welcome to comment I want to comment the microblogging Recommend | hot microblogging today (edit: SN047)Chen Yan with a guide dog is denied. Chen Yan and went back with a guide dog. In this paper the hero Introduction to micro-Bo screenshot

, the first female blind piano tuner Chen Yan

Chen Yan suffering from congenital cataracts, postoperative left eye only light perception and weak color sense, his right eye totally blind , five months after birth, he was abandoned by her parents, her grandmother adopted her and brought her. 1990, Chen Yancheng to Beijing School for the Blind opened the first phase of the blind piano tuner trainees. Since then, she became China's first female blind piano tuner, is now the national senior piano tuner.

guide dogs Jenny: female, Dalian-based star dog guide dogs, to participate in Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou residues Asia and the fifth guide dog, lively personality naughty, and now services for Chen Yan.

yesterday afternoon, Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Park entrance. China's first blind piano tuner Chen Yan and her guide dog, Jenny would like to go sightseeing, I did not expect to be stopped by security in the second door: a security guard tried to pull the dog's chain, a security hand in Chen Yan in front of waving, testing for the blind This allows Chen Yan feel humiliation. Shortly thereafter,Tory Burch Shoes Cheap, her guide dog had to leave.

the matter to the microblogging caused a lot of attention. Xuanwu Lake Park and Nanjing Tourism Bureau of Parks (microblogging), have expressed regret, said

Chen Yan is China's first blind piano tuner, Dongcheng District, Beijing (microblogging) Disabled Persons' Federation President. Arrived in Nanjing yesterday from Sanya, she finished the class, down Nanjing, accompanied by a college student volunteers to participate in the recording of a program. The Yangzi Evening News reporter contacted her, she told reporters about the things described in the microblogging after.

her cry

security: I have heard the report of guide dogs to let her into

Jenny is my guide dog, it my eyes. morning we arrived in Nanjing in the afternoon I would like to take Jenny out for a walk to the Xuanwu Lake Park. that dogs and cars are not allowed to enter the park.

Chen Yan explained: Chen Yan with a guide dog to enter.

then stopped: so the dog would also shake hands verify whether she was blind

however, did not come out far in Xuanwumen outside, Chen Yan was stopped by security.

Chen Yan, said: to Xuanwumen direction for moving the move. very angry - if you want to test, you can see the documents to hand waving test really does not respect others.

Chen Yan is very dissatisfied, security doubt, The interview, she told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, sightless eyes, his ears the sound of the outside world is very sensitive to this finger in a shaking voice, the ears can hear it.

Chen Yan was very angry, ask to have to apologize. Chen Yan, said he is very disgusted with this hand waving to verify whether the behavior for the blind.

Chen Yan sadly cried, looked dejected with Jenny gone. The

We apologize

Nanjing friends apology: Security may have never seen a guide dog, generosity

Chen Yan, and Jenny was gone, the whole process of the whole thing be accompanied by Chen Yan to come to the volunteers filmed, followed by Chen Yan in the guide dogs Jeanne microblogging. A few words, but it caused a great stir in the city of Nanjing.

Nanjing's friends on this issue is full of sorry Mr_iing said First,nike shox clearance, apologize for your rude behavior by the second: the door is the old man, now can be used on guide dogs After all, not too much. Well, an old security uncle may also have not seen, I hope you can also stand on his point of view under. Third: he did indeed wrong, but it definitely does not mean all the citizens of Nanjing, your attitude. Also requested Haihan.

friends for vulnerable groups to facilitate everyone to do. Guide dogs are working dogs, countries should support the legal level, should allow guide dogs to lead blind people to various places, otherwise the blind range of activities will be greatly restricted.

Tourism Bureau of Parks apology: Jenny and then with her mother to Nanjing

last night, the reporter interviewed the Minister of Xuanwu Lake Park Party and the Ministry of money.

money Minister to apologize first security rude, and then , she said: Indeed provided, the dog can not enter the park. Minister Qian said Chen Yan I does not look much like the blind, and the relative lack of knowledge of guide dogs, so yesterday just to see the dog, and can not see what is the difference between ordinary dog Understood that the park security duty,nike dunks, but is indeed defective. The area will strengthen the training of personnel, and provide more convenience and before adjustment of the existing regulations,puma shoes sale, the holder of guide dogs, police dogs. Welcome Jenny with her mother at a convenient time to Nanjing.


blind mother

guide dogs Jenny and then the plane landed, everything went smoothly! I also scrambling to take pictures and I it! After takeoff, I will be as good as gold to lie under the seat Oh, do not move, do not call, even we have not found my presence, volunteer sister said I had to conceal or disguise!

from this passage, you see what? Yes, this is a is Jenny Jenny has its own micro-Bo, often from their own perspective to see the world.

see the guide dogs of Jenny's friends, must be very surprised at the brilliance of the little guy, God went so far as to send microblogging! some time ago, Zhejiang University (microblogging), drinking fountains made micro-Bo not! then, in the end who take care of it?

Chen Yan told reporters, microblogging is to open his own, mainly in order to publicize the guide dogs. So, as a blind person, how to microblogging and microblogging In fact, the Internet is accessible, because the screen reader software and equipment can be installed on mobile phones and computers.

typing, the input used by the blind method and normal is not the same, so to say a word for a long time. Told reporters that Chen Yan peer volunteers Lam Suet, for example, to enter the word made a great effort. In fact, you see her first microblogging, many photos are backwards or crooked.


applied three times free of charge to receive a guide dog

In the interview, the Chen Yan Duiyang sub Evening News reporter that he was born in Hebei Rongcheng, sightless eyes, is a congenital lasting bonds with Jenny in the year before.

Chen Yan, said Jenny guide dogs Base in Dalian provided free of charge; Of course, before this, had applied three times. residues Asia will performing the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo.

in Beijing,Nike Air Force 1, has also been refused to enter the park

Speaking with guide dogs travel experience, Chen Yan, said, in fact, is full of hardships. over the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and some other small park, but the Summer Palace we let into the Beihai Park is also because there is no good communication and coordination, and did not let into. Comments micro-Bo Recommended | hot microblogging today

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