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my business associates

ving now a better view of the house. It was a red brick villa, the home of a well-to-do man. The trim lawn with its border of rose trees, the Sacs Main Chanel little fountain playing over the rockery, the quality of the garden furniture within view and the general air of comfort which pervaded the place, suggested the home of a prosperous City man, one of those happy creatures who have never troubled to get themselves des bijoux Chanel in line for millions, but have lived happily between the four and five figure mark. Colonel Boundary grunted Chanel Montres and continued his walk. A trim maid opened the door to him and by her blank look it was evident that he was not a frequent visitor. "Boundary--just say Boundary," said the colonel in Lunettes De Soleil Chanel a deep voice which sacs a main chanel carried to the remotest part of the house. He was shown to the drawing-room and again found much that interested him. He felt no twinge of pity at the thought that Solomon White would very soon exchange this almost luxury for the bleak discomfort of a prison cell, and not even the sight of the girl who came through the door to greet him brought him a qualm. "You want to see my father, colonel?" she asked. Her tone was cold but polite. The colonel had never been a great favourite of Maisie White's, and now it required a considerable effort on her part to hide her deep aversion. "Do I want to see your father?" said Colonel Boundary. "Why, yes, I think I do and I want to see you too, and I'd just as soon see you first, before I speak to Solly." She sat down, a model of patient politeness, her hands folded on her lap. In the light of Chanel Cavier Sacs En Cuir day she was pretty, straight of back, graceful as to figure and the clear grey eyes which met his faded blue, were very understanding. "Miss White," he said, "we have been very good to you." "We?" repeated the girl. "We," nodded the colonel. "I speak for myself and my business associates. If Solomon had ever told you the truth you would know that you owe all your education, your beautiful home," he waved his hand, "to myself and my business associates." His tongue rolled round the last two words. They were favourites of his. She nodded her head slightly. "I was under the impression that I owed it to my father," she said, with a hint of irony in her voice, "for I suppose that he earned all he has." "You suppose that he earned all that he has?" repeated the colonel. "Well, very likely you are right. He has earned more than he has got but pay-day is near at hand." There was no mistaking the menace in his tone, but the girl made no comment. She knew that there had been trouble. She knew that her father had for days been locked in his study and had scarcely spoken a word to anybody. "I saw you the other night," said the colonel, changing the direction of his attack. "I saw you at the Orpheum. Pinto Silva came with me. We were in the stage box." "I saw you," said the girl quietly. "A very good performance, considering you're a kid," said Boundary; "in fact, Pinto says you're the best mimic he has ever seen on the stage----" He paused--"Pinto got you your contracts." She nodded. "I am very grateful to Mr. Silva," she said. "You have all the world before you, my girl," said Boundary in his slow, ponderous way, "a beautiful and bright future, plenty of money, pearls, diamonds," he waved his hand with a vague gesture, "and Pinto, who is the most valuable of my business associates, is very fond of you."
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