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Welcome to the FIQL.com playlist sharing community!  Here at FIQL you can view, listen to, watch, save, email, blog and embed people's playlists. You can also easily submit your own playlists to the site in just a few quick steps. To learn more about our full scope of features, continue reading below...

FIQL TV FIQL TV Watch, Create, Share Now in addition to listening to the 15,000+ playlists on FIQL you can watch each and every one. Or better yet, be a VeeJay by putting together your own video playlist. You tell us the songs and we'll find the videos. You can customize it to your liking then share your playlist on Facebook, MySpace, blogs or your own website.

Tour FIQL TV: Watch a 2-minute video tour of FIQL TV ››
QuickLists QuickLists Create playlists in real-time, building them as you browse the site Click the add track icon Add Track in playlists, on artist pages, or while watching videos, and you've just started your next playlist. Look for the menu with this icon Live Playlistat the top of every page for instant access to your QuickList.
FIQL Friends Groups & Channels Create or join a group around a topic that interests you Whether it's Working Out, Breakups, Animals or Indie Music, someone has probably created a group on a topic that you are interested in. If not, start your own and invite your friends to join and share their playlists. You can also watch group channels - video playlists that are auto-generated from playlists in that group.
FIQL Blogs Blogs Tell the world what you REALLY think Be your own publisher and share your thoughts, music, photos, video, playlists, links and more. Love a band? Hate an album? Going to a concert? It's up to you what to write about - you're the editor in chief! To get started, click on Blog Posts in MyFIQL.
FIQL Friends Friends A friends network - your own private area of the site Members can invite friends (both FIQL members and non-members) to join the FIQL experience by publishing playlists that only their FIQL friends can see. Share new music with people you know. Get a thumbs up on the music you think should play at the party next weekend. To get started, just go to the My Friends area of MyFIQL or click the "Invite to Friends" button on any user's profile page.
Forum Forum A music and playlist message board This site is about sharing who you are through your music, but when your tunes won't do the trick, there's the forum. The FIQL forum is basically what you'd expect. Praise, gripe, plead, question, and schmooze your fellow users. Site administrators also peruse this board, and all fair questions and comments will receive a response in a reasonable period of time.
Charts Charts Playlists ranked by popularity and much more Billboard is dead to us. Our Charts are another way to organize the site the way you like. (Or is it by the way other people like?) See what other users consider the best lists, sorted by popular artists, recently bumped, recently commented-on playlists and much more.
Columns Columns In-depth explorations of playlists from all genres There are people out there who have thought way too much about playlists. There are those who find in the right combination of songs pure aural alchemy. These people are your FIQL columnists. Get to know them. Find one with your quirks. Find one who makes you smile. Your columnists are well known and not so well known. Esoteric and every-day. And one of them may be you: our "guest column" (coming soon) feature allows any FIQL member to submit a longer write-up about a playlist and add photos just like any other columnist. If you'd like to be a columnist, send us an email.
Bumping Bumping Bumping and being bumped... it's a good thing! Giving a FIQL playlist a "bump" brings a playlist you think is cool, interesting, important, or just plain right up your alley, up in prominence for more people to see. You'll find a list of the most recently bumped playlists on our homepage, with an expanded view available on the charts page (see below). Also, you can sort playlists by most bumps when searching or browsing. You need to be logged in before you can bump a playlist (this helps keep things fair.) Look for the orange bump icon at the bottom of each playlist and you'll be bumping in no time.
Picks FIQL Picks When music meets the moments of our lives, great stories are made When these stories are well written and told from a unique perspective, they warrant a FIQL Pick. Note: A FIQL Pick is not a music review; it's simply an editors' way of saying "this story is a good read" or "this playlist idea is really clever." You'll see picks scattered through the site indicated with the green check icon. And if you really love our picks, you can view all our picks on the main Playlist Page. Better yet, grab the FIQL Picks RSS feed and be the first to know about every new Pick.
RSS Feeds RSS Feeds Keep track of the latest playlists on FIQL anytime, anywhere Whether it's the latest FIQL picks, most bumped playlists or just your friends' playlists, we have an RSS feed for every occasion. They're compatible with any RSS reader or you can add them to your Google, Yahoo or AOL pages with one click.
Rhapsody Rhapsody Rapture Special advantages for Rhapsody subscribers Rhapsody users get two special perks. First, you can email a Rhapsody playlist directly into our system. (An easy tutorial is found here.) PLUS: Rhapsody users can listen to any FIQL playlist with just one click! Just choose "Rhapsody" from the list of music stores on any playlist page and you'll see a "Play All in Rhapsody" link at the bottom of the list.