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What's FIQL about?

Glad you asked. Check out About Us for a brief overview and our Features page for a summary of the cool things you can do on FIQL.

Are you affiliated with a record label or online music store?

No. This is a private project and weíre interested in promoting all music so long as someone likes it. We do provide links to some of the more popular music stores next to each song so you can listen to song samples and buy from those stores if you wish. We get a small commission from those sales and that helps to keep us going.

Can you download music from this site?

Not directly, but we provide links to some of the most popular music sites so you can easily sample and purchase music if you like it. With Napster and Rhapsody you can stream entire songs for free! Also, we encourage you to look at the profile pages of other members. Some of them are musicians and they have links to their sites where you can listen to or download music. We donít intend to be a music store. There are plenty of deep pocketed companies doing that already!

Where do you get the playlists from?

From you! All our playlists are contributed by people like you who visit our site. Please support our site by sharing your playlists.

How does your rating of playlists work?

FIQL allows users to "bump" playlists that they like. Bumping a playlist gives it a higher priority when returned in searches and recommendations.

How do I put a playlist on my myspace/blog/web site?

It's easy! Just look for the "embed" button on any playlist on this site and copy the snippet of code onto your website. You can do this with any playlist on the site and choose from several size players.

What is a FIQL Pick?

FIQL picks are playlists that we felt were either clever, well written, very descriptive or a combination of all three. We believe that the story behind a playlist is often as important as the music itself and in our opinion these are worth a read. They are not judgements on the music itself. We leave that up to our visitors to judge.

What is a Featured Member? How do I become one?

We feature members on the homepage who we felt have taken time to tell others a little bit about themselves via their profiles. Generally, any FIQL member who has written a decent profile, uploaded a picture, created a playlist and/or written a review will be selected to be featured. Currently they are featured on a random basis on the Homepage and give priority on the Members page, but in the future, featured members will also be displayed prominently throughout the site and be given greater exposure. It's our reward to those who add a little personality to the anonymity of the web.

I have a great idea for a FIQL category. How do I tell you?

Itís easy - either contact us or post a message in the forum.

A member is linking to a copyrighted version of the song. How do I report this?

We do NOT condone using the link tool to allow people to dowmload copyrighted material. If you spot something we've missed, please let us know by contacting us and we will promptly remove the link(s).

I love FIQL! What can I do to help?

Thank you! The best thing you can do to help is spread the word. Every category and playlist has an "email-a-friend" button, and please, share as many of your playlists as you can. The more playlists that this site has, the more useful it will be to others.

I hate FIQL! What can I do?

Sorry to hear that. Please tell us why by contacting us. We are always trying to find ways to improve the site.