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About FIQL

Plain and simple, we want to be the best resource for music playlists. Playlists are everywhere - on the radio, in magazines, on message boards and blogs and most importantly in your music collection. As storage increases and the limits of the single album are long left behind, it's becoming harder and harder to manage music... and that's why we created this site. More than just a repository of playlists of all kinds, FIQL is a place to be introduced to new music by looking at other people’s playlists and to share with others your playlist and music interests. We're a content site with you as our editor.

And just as important FIQL is a place for people to meet. We’re willing to bet that in the course of discovering new songs to listen to, you'll find others who share your interests. Learn about all of our features here.

If you like what you see, please help us out and tell your friends!! And please let us know what you think, either through our contact form or post in our forum. We’d love to hear your ideas!

- The FIQL Team

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