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  • jasonguy
    For the spy (or the one catching the spy) to listen to while getting the job done. Whether you're chasing, running, hiding or returning to normal life - here are some songs that may qualify for your life's soundtrack. Are you the stealthy "Ethan Hunt" type of agent? Or is doing business like Bond more acclimated to your tastes? It does...
    To Catch A Spy
  • lydthekid
    And so concludes another amazing TV season. Music supervisors really worked their asses off this year - accentuating so many of our favorite TV moments or episodes with the perfect songs and artists. I gathered a collection of my personal favorite songs from musically progressive shows like Grey's Anatomy, The OC (RIP), One Tree Hill, ...
    Television Highlights
  • FerrisB
    Nothing quite beats the feeling of a lazy weekend. As you sit back and enjoy doing nothing for a while, this selection of my classical favorites from the greatest artists / composers, which I've chosen to help me unwind and escape, providing the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing, lazy weekend.
    Classical Favorites For A Lazy Weekend
  • BarbieCars
    The Beatles have songs for each and every mood and feeling, and love, in my opinion, is the most important of all, so these are my top Beatles love songs. The first ten are my very own personal Top 10 and the rest deserved to make it in the list. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!
    The Beatles For Those In Love
  • Revelation
    Some days you just wake up and feel a little jaded, a little bitter and broken for whatever reason it may be and here is a list of songs that remind us all that when we feel broken down like this, you are not alone.And of course singing aloud (quite loudly) always puts a smile on, too.
    Bitter And A Little Broken, But Still Fant...
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    "wow :)"
  • Back In The Day Of 'my Youth'
    "Play in sequence with fade in/out make transits really good."
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