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  • ad0rkable
    I've had a lot of trouble finding a good playlist with good songs about lost ones, so I decided to make one myself.
    Songs About Lost Loved Ones
  • meg11
    Tracks guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your legs moving before, after or during your workout. They certainly do it for me. Whether it is running, doing stairs or just streaching.
  • queeny
    This mix may surprise you. You'll be surprised when you hear Alma Cogan doing Somebody Loves Me and then not missing a beat with Sugartime. Kitty Kallen's Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me is one of her best. But don't be surprised when you find songs or artists that do something to you.
    Surprise Party
  • uao
    Just a little tribute to the women in rock history. There are far too many important ones to limit to fifty; expect a Part II at some point. There wan't any real criteria beyond importance, talent, or influence, although I reserved the right to sneak a couple of favorites in. I decided to be fairly ruthless in defining "rock"; great ...
    Top 25 Women In Rock?
  • hatelove
    These are all the songs that my boyfriend, Aaron, and I have memories too. We started dating awhile back and we have so many good memories. Some bad ones. That would be why there's some sad songs on here too. We fight. But we get over it. In the end, we still love each other. Thats all that matters
    Songs That Mean A Lot To Me
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  • Ariane
    "i love this :)"
  • Eric Clapton All Time Greatest Hits
    "Perfect list for relaxation."
  • Work It Out
    "I like your playlist."
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