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  • musiclovah
    *Disclaimer: It is advised to take em in small doses as you will definitely get a natural sugar-high with these ladies.Recommendations/Samplers: CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex New Young Pony Club - Ice CreamSymptoms of Sugar-High: feeling energetic, super over-the-board happy, you'll feel yo...
    Prepare To Get A Sugar-High With These Ind...
  • EmilyRose
    when you did something stupid and you want your guy or girl back with you....these are the songs you want them to hear
    Get Your Man Back
  • Bizzwick
    This is a mix that i go to sleep to just about every night. I feel like i have to explain myself for the limp bizkit choice but if you listen to that track it is really good, prob because of Scott Weiland being on it. I never get more than like maybe 5 tracks into this before i fall asleep so this mix is staying pretty fresh for now.
    Slumber Party
  • mttslacker
    Gets you ready to catch the biggest waves. Not all the songs are about surfing but these songs get you were you need to be to have a great day.
    Surfin Pregame
  • Liebmich
    Death Cab for Cutie has captured so many emotional souls in this world. When you think of emo you think of Ben Gibbard and his amazing ability to convey emotions into lyrics. This playlist takes you back to there first album Somthing about Airplanes and through single releases that have slipped through the cracks to their latest album ...
    Best Of Death Cab For Cutie
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  • Eric Clapton All Time Greatest Hits
    "Perfect list for relaxation."
  • Work It Out
    "I like your playlist."
  • Soulja Boy
    "I'm loving it..."
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